Sasha Love of Life August 1994


1. ??? "ohh yeah, your dancing" sounds like prince

2. ??? "could heaven ever be like this"

3. ??? The Most Beautiful Girl In The World "you're the reason that god made a girl" prince cover version?

4. BT - Nocturnal Transmission (US MusicNow) flute

5. SLP - Supernova "you know how to love me"

6. K Klass - Let me Show you Love (mix?)

7. Histerya - Love Nation (Joy & Kaya Remix) "show all your lovin yeah"

8. Tenth Chapter - Prologue (Atlas 1st Addition Mix) inst / timpani drums

9. ??? "come on" harp at breakdown

10. ??? "ow, there are times in our lives we withhold" female

11. Underground Sound of Lisbon - Dance With Me (TRIBAL America) secret knowledge sample

12. ??? "eh yeah baby"

13. Marco Polo - Prayer For The Music (John Digweed & Nick Muir Northern Exposure Remix) (Hi-Life)

14. ??? "you know how to love me yeah, to get right" female

15. Opus III - Hand In Hand (Looking For Sweet Inspiration)

16. Quivver - Twist & Shout

17. ??? sounds like goodmen (foreign vocals)

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