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Alright mate, very happy with cd's, will be looking to get some more in the near future. keep up the good work. 
Cheers Doug


Absolutely love the cd's, great quality and fantastic service! Thanks for the recommendations.  Will be back soon for more!

James C

Must say that i am impressed with the speed of service and the quality of the mixes, its been a long time since i have heard some of the old skool materpieces. If you like your oldskool music then this is the place to come, Fast, friendly and great tunes. All the best to the guys at Proper Old Skool




A big thanks for the sets - will be back again shortly.


All present and correct thanks a lot. Will defo visit site again.


Excellent mate, thanks a lot. I've got them all now cheers. Thanks a lot again, very happy with everything, a very easy way to get music! Also I've been looking for Sasha set from Hacienda in Nov 93 for bloody years after I left the tape of it in a car I wrote off 5-6 years ago, very happy to be reunited with one of my favourite sets again!

I'll be back for more in the future I'm sure..


Very nice quality on the mixes which is what i was hoping for after trying a few other websites. Recommended



Superb quality and service which means i am on a buzz thanks to Mark - will be back for more as the mixes are brilliant mate. Have you any more piano mixes similar to the last 10 especially Vertigo, Seaman, Sasha from around 1991? I will contact you for some more in a week or 2.




Recommended site for old skool sets with no problems ordering and the service was 1st class


Gary P

Great c'ds, had 12 mixes re-mastered and all sound so much better - well done mate - catch up soon for some more on payday


Gary P

16 February 2008 20.59 - Sarah

I'm really impressed with the cd's great service and will be returing to your site again



Top stuff - really pleased with the music you have made my day



I'll definately use the site again and will be emailing you later this month. Brilliant mixes and top quality mate



Can't say more than wicked quality on the mixes and very fast delivery


Another happy customer

Very pleased with bothe the recordings and the level of service for these guys. Got the cd's from them and they were top drawer. Many thanks people i will be back for some more soon from you


Quality mixes from this site plus they so samples in advance - everything was delivered almost the next day and communication was very good


Sarah L

Brialliant service and highly recommended site for old skool mixes

Sarah L


Excellent service and quality thanx for your time.



Great idea for a website. Wish i had thought of it as i used to have loads. Highly recomended service and quality of sound



Happy Xmas everyone in the house - bought 20 mp3's and all top dollar wouldn't hesitate to buy again - keep up the good work Mark - fantastic idea you have, wish i had not lost all my tapes when the car got nicked! Now i can start to collect what the barstards stole.



Really great servive and i think i love you!!!! - great memories and recomended to everyone who is still into properoldskool - the name says it all

Thanks a million


Excellent service and cd's would use again without doubt

Tom & Rachel

Too many other similar sites have crap recordings with drop-outs - this site is by far the best and the service was excellent. May i say that you are bookmarked for old my old skool needs from now on

Thanks a million,

Tom and Rachel


I can't recommend this site enough all tunes were brilliant




Really likes the service and the tunes were awesome too.

Many thanks to this site.



Must say thanks as the mixes were really fantastic. Respect to Mark for recommending some too

Laterz Clara

Louis G

Excellent all round - service and quality of mixes superb.

Steve S

Formatted the harddrive and lost the mixes, Mark re-sent them for free so i could build the collection up again - no hassle and unbelievable service - much appreciated Steve.

Julie B

Fantastic service and quality yet again have taken over a dozen so far with many more planned. Would recommend to others without doubt - friendly service and really clear recordings!


A must for the oldskoolers out there - bought 10 mixes and all spot on mate



I want a collection like yours, where did you get so many mate? Must have been over 10 years since i have heard tunes like this - don't make them like this no more. Highly recommended to others

Terry W

20 August 2007 21.42 - Denise

Top quality mixes and top quality service. All the crew are now able to re-live the memories agian thanks to Mark
BAck soon for more

James H

Fab selection definately be back for more from you again.


A Cogan

Excellent quality and speedy service


09 July 2007 18.12 - Badman Fizz

Great work mate - received mixes straight away and very happy



Excellent site and a great selection of titles i didn't even know existed thanks Mark i will be back soon


f..king ACE, top tunes, top mixes, top top top. Let em know when you get that other Oaky set converted please mate


J Crocker

Was a pleasure with this site - definatly want more soon

Scott Alderman

Another very happy customer thanks to the prompt communication and awesome cd's - delivery was instant so will be back for more once the missus lets me!!

Sunil Rathour

Received c.d today, Thanks very much, its brought some good old memorys back. I'll be in touch soon to sort out another.

05 May 2007 23.07 - Ian Bailey

Other similar sites don't deliver as quick as this guy. Pleasure to do business with you and the quality was great after all these years.

12 April 2007 15.49 - Mick E and Clare D

Brilliant quality. Thanks Mark. Back for more next month (need more Vertigo from ya)

01 April 2007 12.20 - Tim S

Probably my favourite site at the moment as they have brought back many memories from days i thought i had lost for ever Very happy with service and quality and i have told all my raver friends in Manchester too, long may this site live it is EXCELLENT

18 March 2007 19.38 - Tiziana

Recommended website for all old skool, would use again as mixes were TOP TOP TOP :)

12 March 2007 22.28 - Anne-marie

Great site and friendly service too. I'd forgotten how much the old sets meant to me - thanks to the guys at Proper Old School they have out a huge smile on my face....right where's the party!!!!!!!

10 March 2007 19.12 - Chippie

Been a while since I looked at the site and its got even better! One complaint though is that it reminds me of how bloody old I'm getting!!!! Its still the top site of its kind and the service is superb.

26 Feb 2007 20.57 - Matt

Awesome. Blindingly quick turnaround. Friendly and helpful. I’ll definitely use your site again

10 Feb 2007 15.12 - Ben
Just wanted to extend my thanks for the CDs. Not only is the music quality excellent but they arrived pretty much as soon as I'd logged off! Great site, I'll definitely be back for more.


07 Feb 2007 10.46 - Stefan

Fast & excellent feedback, easy transfer and quick delivery. Excellent service. Everyone should update his collection here.


28 Jan 2007 15.32 - Stu

Great service - I've been search for a site like this for ages, which knows what I've been looking for....
Super lightening fast delivery... next day couldn't believe it.... magic I must admit buying old sets worries me... ropy recordings and all that ... not with this site ... spot quality..

Will be back  to order  loads

Stu, Leamington Spa

27 Jan 2007 19.47 - Michelle
Just wanted to let you no that I cant wait to get the cd's and i also can not believe how easy you have made the whole thing! It has been an absolute pleasure, a million thanks yous for everything. take it easy.

thanks again
From very excited Michelle

27 Jan 2007 09.50 - Maryellen
Mixes have come today and every one is outstanding, thanks again for your fine services :)

27 Jan 2007 22:45 - Natasha
Great site and fabulous service, I wasn't sure which cd it was I looking for so Mark sent me some samples to ensure I got the right one. Have recommended to friends and will definitely be using again.

16 Jan 2007 18:08 - Patrick Walsh
Best oldskool website around.....had cds I have been trying to get for quaility merchandise and a pleasure to do business with..........regards paddy.............

15 Jan 2007 01:58 - Scott
Great site, great service - I've bought two batches of 808 State shows - quality on all of them is superb and lightening fast delivery. Highly Recommended. Cheers, Scott :)

27 Jan 2006 20:47:06 - DJ Clarkee - LINCONSHIRE
Great site if your looking for rare old skool sets 5*****

17 Jan 2006 21:09:20 - Mike Jones
Very good site indeed. I was a Quest regular back in the day of 92-93 and still listen to some of my old tapes now. I am searching though for a couple of old tapes if your interested in finding them? Will probably order a few items off here in the future now i know where you are. Keep up the good work

14 Dec 2005 11:27:29 - Martin J Powell Esq - MC Spliff-e - Chesey - Chesterfield, Derbyshire
1,2,3,4 Whose that knocking on the door? Venue 44 Vibealite !!!!! My name is MC Splif-e and this is what I state, The happy vibe is hear to stay, and to dominate, So drop your powder, powder, xtc tabs 2, when my DJs in ur head, u'll not know what to do!!!!!!!

05 Dec 2005 10:20:39 - James Bodycot - Leicester
Thanks for the great cd's, good service and good price, Shelleys has to be the greatest club ever!

01 Dec 2005 19:26:52 - Ralf - Oxford
Thanks for the quick and professional service, it's great to have two blacks and a bubble again! TOP BUZZ.

20 Nov 2005 09:49:58 - Geoffrey - Pontefract (not to far from leeds)
Great service!!

11 Oct 2005 18:03:42 - Baker - Belfast
Excellent site and to see all the titles I had and lost from over the years was like heaven! Got 12 mixes off Mark and every one is spot on! Will be getting a great deal more in future! Thanks mate. Recommended to everyone.

21 Sep 2005 18:22:21 - John Head - Liverpool
I got my cd right on time and was delighted with them! I will definatley be ordering more and will recomend the site to others! cheers mate!

13 Sep 2005 18:50:05 - Sam - Manchester
Great idea for the site, Im a web designer, with a old skool heart, Im offering to do you a redesign of your site, maybe in exchange of some recordings? let me know what you think?

03 Sep 2005 10:58:07 - John Arnold - Staffordshire
Like it!!! Can't find what I'm looking for but seen loads of others I might just buy instead!!! Brings back memories!!! Used to go to Kinetic and occasionally Helter Skelter. I've lost more tapes than I can remember, now i can get them back!!!!!

24 Aug 2005 12:05:09 - Chris Atkinson - Clitheroe
Got me a bowlers tape I thought lost forever from here. Just how I remembered. Ace service, delivered just a couple of days after request. Tip Top :)

19 Aug 2005 01:59:27 - Orillasound - Lanarkshire
great site, good to see such a large archive of old skool sound, i am currently trying to convert all my old mixtapes to digital format; stuff like carl cox at vibalite, saha digweed tong and cox at the arches, old fantazias rezerections metros and beltram, screem at plymouth and loads more, i took photos of rezerection event3 which can be seen on my music pages, hear my own creations toooo....... your site has made my night.... ;-) Orillasound

04 Aug 2005 11:58:21 - Lydia - Isle of Man
Excellent Service, never thought i would find some of the old tapes again. Quality is excellent too !! Thanks

10 Jul 2005 04:51:03 - Heathy - salford 5 old skool crew
have got nipper live at the hac if u want a copy on cd cutting up all the way thruogh it well wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!love the site man keep it OLDSKOOL 88-92 U KNOW THE SCORE HARDCORE PEACE LOVE HARMONY

18 Jun 2005 18:32:19 - Ian - Exeter
excellent site, downloads would improve site

17 Jun 2005 17:00:48 - Rick Gomez - Manchester
First time ive seen your website! wish i'd seen it sooner! Im a massive old skool rave fan!

16 Jun 2005 20:57:52 - Eddie - Manchester
wow where do i start!! thanks for bringing back some wicked old skool memories for me! respect to the max

15 Jun 2005 10:50:42 Paul - London
Real top quality site & service here. Amazing selection of music, and the sound quality is top notch. I had my CD's about 4 days after posting my request off. Keep up the good work Mark.

25 May 2005 01:31:17 - Miss Flippant NZ - Christchurch, NZ now - Originally Manchester, UK
Superb Site - Brings a HUGE smile to my face to see some of these titles!!! Makes me think of many, many HAPPY DAZE!!!!

10 May 2005 00:41:49 Mick - Stoke
couple of things - top site and am gonna have to correct on of your listings. sasha@shelleys feb 1991 - its the pin up girls "take me away". Anyways, thats done - A TOP PLACE.

26 Feb 2005 11:58:38 Wayne - Stoke on Trent
excellent service very professional

13 Feb 2005 16:39:59 Sharon Wakefield
really good too many to choose from exellent service would recommend to anyone

27 Jan 2005 22:46:36 Mark from Hereford
great site, wicked selection of mixes, would like to see a few more mp3 downloads. just had 22sets from here, fast and friendly service....wicked :)

21 Dec 2004 18:48:28 Steven Sandforth
wow what a great service.. I seriously can not wait to buy some more the quality is fantastic

16 Nov 2004 16:19:28 Phil Manchester

DJ Lust - Essex - 20 Aug 2004 22:46:57
nice site i have had you in my site for some time now can you pls add my link to your page..thanks.....

Reply Date 29 Jun 2004 19:31:02
Ref: 181236
Your Details
2.1 What is your Name? Tom
2.2 Where are you from? Coventry
Your Thoughts!
3.1 Please provide some feedback in the box below! Nice site, keep up the good work!
3.2 What titles are you still looking for? I'll try and track them down for you! Anything by Ell and Stompy please
3.3 How likely are you to order from here again? Definately
3.4 Would you recommend this site to your mates? YES

DJ Lust
Reply Date 28 Jun 2004 12:40:04
Ref: 180782
Your Details
2.1 What is your Name? DJ LUST
2.2 Where are you from? ESSEX
Your Thoughts!
3.1 Please provide some feedback in the box below! HI NICE SITE MATE GOOD WORK..HAVE YOU AS A LINK IN MY SITE... hi peeps just to tell all you oldskool lovers about slipmatt playing live on each month on sunday night long side the rest of us my self playing each sunday 6pm to 8pm so for the best in oldskool music check out remaniss radio live link in my site for you all http//
3.2 What titles are you still looking for? I'll try and track them down for you!
3.3 How likely are you to order from here again? More than likely!
3.4 Would you recommend this site to your mates? YES

Just a short note to say thanks for the excellent service provided, I received my cd's yesterday as promised and ive already relived many memories with the tunes.

Its great to have found someone who is reliable and quick to dispatch, I will certainly be ordering again in the very near future.


Simon Comper
Reply Date 21 May 2004 21:48:31
Ref: 176425
Your Details
2.1 What is your Name? simon comper
2.2 Where are you from? brighton
3.1 Please provide some feedback in the box below! your site is the best i have seen on the net for old skool sets i have a good collection my self but had a few nicked as you do over the years.
3.2 What titles are you still looking for? I'll try and track them down for you! still looking for more of the techno tape from the first tribal gathering. back in the day i got all the sets of jane howard who compiled the line up for the techno tent @ this gig... eg trevor rockliffe, daz saund, sven vath, colin faver also the source r&s recods live @ big love
3.3 How likely are you to order from here again? Definately
3.4 Would you recommend this site to your mates? YES

Jodie Manchester
Reply Date 17 Apr 2004 17:01:25
Ref: 173632
Your Details
2.1 What is your Name? Jodie
2.2 Where are you from? Manchester
Your Thoughts!
3.1 Please provide some feedback in the box below! I've had tapes cleaned, and bought CDs from Mark and all have been first class, Quick prompt service. Biggest collection of old skool on the net, Highly recommend buying from this site.
3.2 What titles are you still looking for? I'll try and track them down for you!
3.3 How likely are you to order from here again? Definately
3.4 Would you recommend this site to your mates? YES

Awesome CD's - ordered 5 - efficient delivery - Quality of recordings mint!! Keep up the good work pal :-)

Ray C
Wicked oldskool site. Plenty of stuff I used to have is back in my possession thanks to Mark.

Yo Yo Girl
Nice one. Brilliant collection. Bought 10 cd's and all we class. Definately coming back for more v.soon!!!

I have bought 10 cds so far and all I can say is that I am really happy with the both the quality and the service. Long may this website last!

Great service, Cd was top quality!

I would highly recommend buying from here, there were no delays in getting the cd and it was exactly as advertised.

great CDs and superb service!!!

Wayne Anthony
Hi Everyone Its been a while since i last posted on this board... I hope the members are well and fighting fit! For those that dont recognise my user name, my name is Wayne Anthony (expromoter/published author). Ive recently written an Acid House

Big up all the old skool fans! Old skool is coming back!

Dean Plymouth
Top website will be ordering loads more c/ds

Andy .T.
Top Site, loads of mixes forom nights I been to in the good old days of the true Hardcore Sceane. Big Up all the Ecipse/Edge and Equinox @ Milwaulkies massives. Gonna have to make some purchases I think to replenish the old collection.

Brilliant!! To see so many great DJs from the early 90s with the sets they played is amazing! I had SOOOO many tapes that Ive either lost or lent out that its great that I can relive those days again through this site! Nice one Mark!!!

Massive thanks to Mark for the excellent service.All my early 90s tapes have been listened to so much that I was paranoid they were gonna snap.Not a problem now thanks to Mark.Friendly,efficient and fast service.I would recommend him to everyone.Thanks again mate!!

DJ Test
nice site .theres quite a few id like on here


Wicked site. Definitely bn lookin 4 nuff old skool tapes as had so many so many yrs ago and lost em all down the yrs & still miss them, especially the ones that bring the most memories when hardcore & jungle techno had a 3-4 yr period of pure rush.

G James
All i can say is wow. My Sasha Universe tape had seen better days through over play, and when i saw it on your site i thought id give it a go. Your version is spot on m8, sounds excellent :) Thanks for the quick response and delivery of one of my favourite oldskool sets of all time!!!!

Recieved discs good quality and fast posting them thanx gary

Simon m
Excellent service, and the CDs are excellent quality, had five in all and all are top notch, brought back some memories, now I cant get the Sasha universe CD out of my system, it must have been 8 years since I heard it last! Top Quality, thanks!